[WEBINAR] What’s Next In Cloud Communications - Introducing Hybrid 2.0

    If you’re looking for some straight talk about onsite, cloud and hybrid communications, look no further than Dave Michels.

    Michels is an industry resource for enterprises, vendors, system integrators and just about anyone else interested in the rapidly changing unified communications arena. In a new webinar entitled, “What’s Next in Cloud Communications – Introducing Hybrid 2.0”, Michels provides fresh insights on the evolving nature of hybrid offerings. As a framework for his comments, he also presents an overview of onsite, cloud and hybrid systems – the pros and the cons – and demonstrates how a company’s objectives should dictate which choice is best.

    Michels views earlier hybrid offerings as a “forced marriage” between two standalone systems – onsite and cloud – that were far from easy for the administrator charged with trying to make it appear as a single, integrated solution. The next evolution of hybrid takes it to the next level for both administrators and end users.

    “Hybrid 2.0 is the best of both worlds because it’s designed to work together,” said Michels. “It’s one virtual solution, one thing to manage.”

    During the webinar, Michels tag-teams his industry viewpoints with those of Rich Winslow, ShoreTel senior director of sales engineering. Winslow not only shares information about ShoreTel offerings, but also offers real-world examples of how businesses use them.

    Both presenters agree that now more than ever before, businesses have the need to quickly adapt. And hence, a system that can change with their needs is the key.

    “What’s really important is flexibility,” said Michels. “Because whatever might be right today, with all the change that’s happening, it won’t be right for tomorrow. You need a communications system that can keep pace.”

    Want to learn more? Watch the webinar.


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