ShoreTel's Office in India Expands

    It has been a year since ShoreTel had our office inauguration in Bangalore, India where our CEO and CMO helped our local team celebrate a new site for ShoreTel. Since then, we have been steadily growing our workforce, infrastructure, culture and local operations.

    This past September we sent four of our top Executives to visit our site in Bangalore, experience the local office culture and to get to know the team. In just the nine months time since I had been there in January, the main floor of the office was completely filled and the secondary floor in the office building was being used to accommodate all the new hires. Additionally, we also visited the new, 30,000 square foot Bangalore office the team will move into later this year to accommodate the recent growth of up to 115 employees, with more to be hired soon. It’s amazing to see how we are outgrowing our current, 13,500 square foot office and the excitement among the employees.

    Four ShoreTel Executives visited during the latest trip, including the VP of HR, SVP of Services and Operations, CTO and our new SVP of Product. Everyone arrived either on Sunday or Monday of the week of September 28th at the tail end of our recent ShoreTel Connect product release. Upon arrival, the local team organized a product release party where we joined the proud engineers over some beer, soda, Indian treats and appetizers. It was a great time to recognize the contributions the ShoreTel Product team put into the biggest release ShoreTel has had. This was also the first opportunity for the Bangalore team to meet their new product leader.

    The second day of the trip was our second semi-annual Bangalore Right Start session, which helps to educate new ShoreTel employees about our corporate direction. We had an overwhelming 64 new hires since the first Right Start we held in January. The new employees included recent college graduates, experienced senior technical professionals, and people who are working in general and administrative roles. The new hires were excited about ShoreTel and asked about business strategy and future direction of our products.

    Afterwards, the Executives, along with local leadership, visited our future office site. Unlike the current location, the site is central to the main district of the city with lots of shops, hotels, restaurants and hotel options. The office move will reduce the average ShoreTel employees commute by 30-45 minutes. The site is a shared business complex with other global companies, with the ShoreTel office on one of the top floors overlooking the hustle of Bangalore. The space will be designed into an open floor concept to align with our global philosophy of collaboration. I see great things happening out of this site because of that!

    On Wednesday, the Executive members hosted an employee All Hands meeting for all the local employees to review the state of the business, the product organization’s top priorities, the innovation occurring in the CTO office and an employee exercise program. Our VP of HR challenged the employees to take ownership and pride in the culture they are creating at the Bangalore site. We created teams of four to five members, with each team tasked to describe the behaviors and traits they want to see in their environment. Afterward, a few groups read their ideas out loud to the broader group. The pride and ownership blew me away and it made me think that ShoreTel attracts some talented people. We are positioned to make a great impact on our market place and make ShoreTel successful!

    In addition to the larger meetings, the various Executive team members met with local vendors, leaders and stakeholders to help learn about the current status of projects and operations. One of the more interesting presentations we had was from our local Sales lead who reviewed the India market. We had some ah-ha moments and some takeaways to think about.

    As we traveled home, I reflected about how ShoreTel has grown to be an amazing place to work, to learn from and to make an impact. To quote our CEO, “It’s a great time to be at ShoreTel!” To the Bangalore team, thank you for being amazing hosts and for all the time and effort that went into organizing a great visit for the team. 

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