Introducing the Build a Better Business Meeting Challenge

    Chances are, there’s a meeting in your future. If not this afternoon, then tomorrow morning. If not tomorrow morning, then maybe the day after that. It’s a scary fact that an estimated 25 million business meetings are held in the United States each day. Since you need at least two people to constitute a meeting, that means a minimum of 50 million workers will spend part of today closed away in a room with lousy air circulation and furniture that could be a lot more comfortable.

    Take a moment to let that sink in.

    People organize meetings because they want to get something done. Yet for all the time invested, they’re often remarkably unproductive. According to, employees say “too many meetings” is the leading cause of distraction in the workplace. Meanwhile, executives consider 67% of meetings to be failures.

    A big reason for meeting shortcomings is that few people give meetings their full attention. According to one survey, 92 percent of meeting participants multitask during meetings, checking email or zoning out to tackle unrelated work.

    On top of that, more meetings include remote participants who call in from their home office, sales trip or other business travels. If they’re using an old-fashioned telephone line, they often miss out on collaborating in the most effective way.

    Fortunately, technology like ShoreTel Connect helps individuals collaborate and communicate more effectively through meeting technology that works on a laptop, tablet, smartphone, desk phone and softphone. It integrates calendaring, instant messaging, presence, screen sharing and more to make meetings more successful. But still, not everyone takes advantage of new meeting technology like ShoreTel Connect, so we’re left with the question: Are all these meetings worth it?

    That’s one of the things we at ShoreTel want to find out. So, we’re kicking off our “Build a Better Business Meeting Challenge,” to get an idea of, among other things, how much time you spend in meetings, how productive your meetings are, and whether you’re really paying attention once the door has closed.

    We’ll also share some tips on how to plan and lead more productive meetings, save time, and take advantage of communications technology so that everyone can make their best contributions, whether or not they’re onsite or on the road.

    Nowadays, we have so many meetings, it’s hard not to make fun of them, or ask questions about their value. We’re going to take a look at the reality behind these discussions so we can help you approach them efficiently, and productively.

    For starters, we’ve created our Build a Better Business Meeting Challenge as a fun way to see what sort of business meeting style each one of us has. Take the challenge to find out if you’re a Meeting Maverick, Meeting Multitasker, or Meeting Maximizer.

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