How Nonprofits Benefit from Cloud Phone Systems

    At the heart of every nonprofit is a mission that must be balanced with budget allocated to fulfill the mission. Though often donors are enraptured by the potential they see, they’re also more inclined to support nonprofit organizations that use their money wisely, keeping overhead low and dedicating most of every dollar to the cause.

    Yet, just as in commercial businesses, the ability to achieve goals requires investments in resources. Thus, nonprofits must find ways to focus on their mission in an economical way.

    For most nonprofits, communication is the lifeblood that empowers the entire organization. Without the ability to connect with donors, it’s nearly impossible for nonprofits to meet outreach and fundraising goals. Without the ability to connect volunteers with headquarters or the recipients of the organization’s services, it’s impossible to make a difference.

    So, not surprisingly, nonprofits want to spend their money on the right communications system – one that gives them flexibility, dependability and economy. More often than not, they find their solution in a cloud phone system. Why?

    • More effective donor campaigns. Like commercial enterprises, nonprofits are becoming more data-driven. Although they may have large databases of donor information, they’re often challenged to extract and act upon meaningful intelligence. When the donor database is integrated with a cloud phone system, new possibilities emerge. For example, ShoreTel Connect CLOUD can help nonprofits identify which marketing campaigns are most successful in generating both interest and donation commitments.
    • Keeping volunteers connected. Nonprofits such as Heifer International depend on volunteers all over the world. Because those people are often in the field – sometimes thousands of miles away from headquarters – having a phone system that allows them to connect with coworkers and others, wherever they may be, is important.
    • Optimizing the budget. Cloud phone systems offer nonprofits two cost advantages. First, they can lower the overall cost of communications. There’s no need to maintain on-site servers, which reduces hardware expenses and saves on internal IT support. Second, they offer financial flexibility. An organization can scale or add services only as they’re needed, helping to maximize its return on investment.

    As nonprofits seek more efficient ways to achieve their mission, it makes good sense for them to focus on critical investments. Without effective communications, organizations have a challenging time succeeding at their mission. But phone systems don’t have to be a sunk cost. By deploying a cloud phone solution, a nonprofit can create new opportunities with little strain on operating expenses.

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