A Day in the Life Video Resonates Throughout the World

    Have you seen ShoreTel’s new video, “A Day in the Life (with Mitel Connect)”?

    When I heard that the Chinese press chuckled during a screening, I realized that the video resonates with people around the world. After all, who hasn’t experienced a day that starts when you oversleep and goes downhill from there?

    It’s that recurring nightmare…you’ve got to get something to somebody, someplace, but you’re blocked at every turn. If only you could find a way to make the obstacles disappear.

    I’ve been a ShoreTel employee for years, and consulted to the company before that, and I’ve always worked remotely. The only thing that makes this arrangement possible is that ShoreTel develops and markets amazing communications tools.

    You could say I’m a ShoreTel power user since I’m a huge fan of our products. So as a marketer, when we got a peek of the new ShoreTel Connect, all I had to do was look at my own life as a ShoreTel employee to find inspiration for a “true story” about this groundbreaking new platform.

    There was the time I’d crouched next to a power outlet at the car rental office to keep my iPhone alive while I led a presentation for a dozen people. There was another time at the outpatient clinic that I juggled calls and IMs while waiting for test results. Yet another time I used video calling to be “on set” to approve the director’s set-ups during a photo shoot.

    I called Scott Levine, VP of Strategy at Kern Agency, who had earlier given ShoreTel an impressive presentation about content development for the buyer’s journey. He brought in writer/director Rick Castaneda and producer Jessica Purdy, and I pitched a script concept. They tightened it up, we worked together to refine it, and they brought in top-notch talent to bring it all to life. ShoreTel’s Wayne Toigo set up a Connect demo on a beta instance to pull together our live screen shots, and A Day in the Life video was born.

    ShoreTel has been known for easy-to-use unified communications and collaboration tools, and ShoreTel Connect ups the ante considerably. I really wanted people to see the product up close and in action, including my favorite feature, the “agenda timer” that tracks the progress of a meeting in real time.

    But most of all, what I wanted folks to see is how ShoreTel Connect can save the day—even make you a hero—when workday events turn unexpectedly. Haven’t seen the video? I suggest you watch it.  After my daughter saw it she blurted out, “What I need is a ShoreTel phone!” We expect lots of people will agree.

    Read about “The Making of ShoreTel’s “A Day In The Life” Video here

    Watch the (very cool) animatic storyboard concept for “A Day In The Life” here

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